Breakfast Bowl
RecipeA Balanced Bowl to Start Your Morning

Breakfast Bowl

The unique flavor of Parrano® Truffle cheese, is the perfect complement to fruits and nuts to give you a savory and sweet breakfast pairing.

  • Accents
  • 1-2 people


  • 1 wedge Parrano® Truffle, wedge cuts and cubed
  • 1 Apple, sliced
  • 1 Tangerine, peeled
  • 4 Strawberries, halved
  • ½ cup Almonds
  • 1 Kiwi, halved
  • 2 Stroop Waffles
  • 1 ramekin Honey



Start your busy morning with a balanced, decadent cheese bowl accompanied with Parrano® Truffle Cheese for a flavorful breakfast bowl that brings excitement to the beginning of your day.